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Genetic Programming—ZIP

What is GP—ZIP ?

GP-ZIP is a system that aims to learn from the given stream of data and automatically evolve Universal Data Compression algorithm. The system take advantage of the existing compression techniques.

A new Data Compression model can be developed by combing the major features of the current techniques.


· GP-ZIP & GP-zip*

· GP-zip2

· GP-zip2 Generalisation

· GP-zip3

· GP-zip3 Generalisation 

Here you can download the test files that have been testing the performance of GP-ZIP and compare them with other compressions.

Test Files

 · Test.zip.


· Evolutionary Lossless Compression with GP-ZIP*.

· Evolutionary Lossless Compression with GP-ZIP.

· Genetic programming as a predictor of Data Compression saving.

· Evolutionary Synthesis of Lossless Compression with GP-ZIP3.

· Universal Intelligent Data Compression Systems: A Review.