Computing and Electronic Engineering
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GP– Fileprint 

GP- Detecting file’s contents by analysing their binary streams

GP-zip mechanism was found to be useful for other purposes :

This research proposes an application based on the use of Genetic Programming to identify the files contents by analysing only the raw binary streams and without the need for any meta data. The proposed methodology represent the data into new form referred to as GP-Fileprint.  The new representation is used to analyse the files’ and classify their contents. This can be particularly useful for many applications such as; email spam filtering, virus detection, forensic analysis, and networks security. Experimental results show that GP compares very well with established classification algorithms in terms of the accuracy achieved.


Here you can download GP-Fileprint program and test it to distinguish different files types and compare them with other methods. 

· File type detection Executable file. (Require Windows OS and latest .Net framework)


GP-fileprints: File Types Detection using GP